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Insanity Day 2

Ouch ouch ouch!!!

Today was Tabeta day. I still have no idea what that means, even after hitting Google.

I didn’t max out today. I was yelling at my TV and grunting like a Grade A Headcase but I didn’t max out.

I’m not going to cheer though, I did have to swap to the modifier moves a few times and the water break saved me at the last second, twice!! Otherwise I would definitely haves maxed out early on.

It hurt, it really hurt. My grumpy husband didn’t like this one, he struggled with a lot of the moves. The push up style moved killed me but I found it easier than yesterday’s cardio.

Cardio is definitely my weak spot.

Tomorrow is my big exam, I’m really hoping I haven’t overdone it and can actually get in and out of my exam chair lol.

It’s going to be interesting explaining the carpet burns on my hands though…

The jokes right write themselves don’t they?


Comments on: "Insanity Day 2" (3)

  1. I loved this one!!
    Well love-hated anyway!
    I love tabata any way though 🙂

    • I’m absolutely rubbish at press ups so this one killed me. Really feeling it this morning! I’m still loving Insanity though. Two days down, 58 to go.

      • The tricep dips killed me!! And i totally know what you mean about sore hands!!
        I have kust completed day 3 (before work eeek) and my hands really hurt!!

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