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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow


I did it. Finally!

My long, ridiculously thick, hot, heavy, slightly damaged hair is gone. 

In place of it I have a funky little graduated bob. I wasn’t quite brave enough to go full blown pixie yet, but I’m not ruling it out for a months or so away. 

I wish I was brave enough for short hair. 
I’d love to have short hair but I’m too fat. 
What if I look like a boy without long hair?

It’s all things I’ve been saying for far too long. 

No more! I’m short, I love it, and it will get shorter. 

Right now I just need the weather to catch up, it’s freezing! We had snow last week. Cmon Scotland, it’s Spring. 

Be brave people, go for the cut. 


Chop off the locks


My hair is starting to get fairly long again. Still thick as ever too. 

Tomorrow though, my plan is to get the hairdresser to cut the whole lot off!

Short short hair time!

I’m nervous, and excited, and not sure if I’ll even go through with it. 

I’ve always fancied short hair, but worried I’d look like a man. But my hair is way too much work. It’s so thick it takes forever to just blow dry it. 

One of the big pushes though is that I actually avoid exercising because of my hair!! Crazy isn’t it?

It takes so long to wash and dry it that I avoid getting sweaty so I don’t need an extra shower. A daily run then means an extra daily shower. 

With a crazy full time job, a full time engineering degree running at uni, two kids, two dogs and a partridge in a pear tree I think it’s time the hair went. Short hair time. 

But… my hair…


Black to Light Brunette… almost

Ok I did it! I finally attempted to strip the black hair dye out of my hair. It wasn’t a complete success but it’s close. I have photo evidence…


Black to Light Brown

I started with two boxes of “L’Oreal Perfect Blonde Creme Maximum Bleaching Kit”. My hair, even though it’s only a few inches past my shoulders, is incredibly thick so one box of these things never covers my hair.

After the bleach the black had been mostly removed. From the first pictures you can tell my roots are so close to the black dye that it’s hard to see where one meets the other. After the bleach however, I had a perfect blonde/neon orange tideline!

Cue the panic!

I had also bought a couple boxes of “L’Oreal Dark Golden Blonde 7.3” hair dye. I decided to stick with L’Oreal rather than mixing products and they were the only brand I recognised who sold a lightening kit.

After the hair dye it didn’t look too bad thankfully. The lighting in the photo is pretty bad sorry.  It’s lighter than it looks.  The curtains behind me should be baby pink if that helps you picture it. I knew the bleach would leave my hair brassy and orange since I started off so dark. However the blonde dye didn’t quite cover it and it’s still brassy at the roots. A light/medium brown should cover it.

So… voila! The black hair is gone!

A step closer to blonde, though I don’t think I’m quite ready for the jump yet. A lighter shade of brown will do for now 🙂

Uh oh!

I had a moment.  I’m not sure whether to call it brave, stupid or something else.

I was thinking, why do I need to lose weight to be blonde? I can be blonde now.

So did I book into the salon?

No of course not, that would have been sensible.

I bought boxes of hair dye, lightener etc.

It’s on my head right now.

I’m really starting to panic! What have I done?

Naturally I’m one shade away from black.

Wish me luck… Eek!!

At least if it goes wrong I can dye dark over the top right?!

Goal Achievement Treats and Rewards

I think it’s important to reward ourselves along our journey.  Whether that journey be weight loss, fitness, education, anything!

I’ve given myself a couple little treat goals along the way.  I have a big thing for nail art, so every half stone I lose I’m going to treat myself to new nail polish or nail art decals/stickers.

For the bigger goals, say as an extra for every whole stone lost we’re going to have an overnight trip to our favourite hotel.  A log cabin hotel in the Highlands.  it’s cheap as chips and pretty basic but absolutely amazing, and they let you bring dogs.

But my big final treat, when I hit my final target, that’s been troubling me.  I couldn’t think of anything.  Something that I would get excited about and could count down to.  Something to keep me going, working at it and not giving up. Something that wouldn’t cost an absolute fortune and make it unrealistic. (Which ruled out Disneyland!)

Today I realised what my end goal would be.  What would finish off the new me perfectly.

I’m going to go blonde!

Not mess it up at home out the box blonde, proper, head stylist professionally done fantastic bombshell blonde!

Right now I have a pretty boring haircut, it’s very dark brown and with my pale complexion I look pretty pasty and ill.  I’ve always wanted to go blonde, but my weight has held me back.  I want to hide not attract attention. But Kirsten Stewart, who has colouring quite similar to mine, has managed to pull off a pretty drastic hair colour change, so why can’t I?  I won’t be going quite as light.  More a very light brown with blonde highlights. So while I start on my weight loss and fitness journey, I’ll also be cutting back on the heat stylish and lavishing a little more attention on my locks to get them ready.

I’m going to lose the weight, get toned, confident and then get the haircut I’ve always wanted, but been too afraid to go for!

How did you treat yourself when you hit your goals, or how do you plan on rewarding yourself?


Natural Bristle Brush for Oily Hair

A common suggestion for oily hair is to use a natural bristle brush. I’m really lucky that I have naturally thick, shiny hair. The downside is that my hair is so shiny because there’s so much oil.

In the morning after my shower my hair is lovely and soft, but by the end of the day my fringe (bangs for US readers) is looking more oily than shiny. By the next morning my whole head looks greasy and flat, yuck!

I try not to wash my hair the next day though, the more I wash it the more it needs washed.

I have dry shampoo but I hate the feeling my hair gets. It loses the bounce and feels dirty. A lot of the dry shampoo products aren’t suitable for dark brown hair either. They leave a grey tinge at the roots, eek!

So I bought myself one of these…

From Kent Brushes

The nylon bristles are stiff enough to detangle my hair, natural bristles on their own wouldn’t manage on my thick hair.

The natural bristles are exactly what my hair needs. I do 100ish strokes before bed and the usual tidy ups as the day goes on. The results have been fantastic.

The natural bristles spread the oils down the length of the hair shaft which keeps the length of my hair shiny. The only downside has been the amount of static generated by the bristles, I do resemble a poodle after brushing so it needs smoothed back down. But because the oils aren’t all just building at the roots anymore I’ve lost the flat greasy look. The ends of my hair aren’t as dried out anymore and best of all…

I can get away with not washing my hair for an extra day!

I’m still tempted to try the full “no poo” regime and try to sort my hair out properly but until I do this brush is going to make things much easier.

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