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Fitbit Charge HR in the UK?

Do any of my fellow bloggers know anything about the Fitbit Charge HR release date in the UK?

I’ve asked for a plum one for my birthday which is three weeks tomorrow but they’ve only just been released in North America with the rest of the world to follow “shortly”.

How long is shortly?!

Do any of you use fitness trackers? Do you like them? I’m a total gadget freak so I really fancy one. Would you recommend Fitbit?

I’m drawn to the Charge HR for it’s heart rate ability. My resting heart rate, even as a child and a healthy, sporty teen, has always been higher than my peers. I’d be interested in keeping track, just to see.

I’d like to plan a few runs based on heart rate as well.

But it needs to hurry up!! You’re missing the Resolution Brigade Fitbit, come on!! Haha!



Comments on: "Fitbit Charge HR in the UK?" (3)

  1. I used to have a fitbit…i loved it!!! I had the flex whih i sold and upgrades to the force, then there was the saga with the wrist irritation and i sent it back. I was bery sad to do so!
    The force was a lot like the charge, so i can only imagine that the charge HR is amazing!!!
    I like the look of the next one up, the one that has a watch face!
    I currently have the Garmin Vivofit which is really awesome! It links to my HR monitor which is a really useful feature and it adapts my goal to my activity level!
    Saying that…i really tempted by the vivoactive 🙂

    To answer your question… Fitbits are awesome!!!

    • Fantastic, its always good to hear positive reviews. I havent heard anyone say they dont love theres yet, regardless which one they have.
      I think the next one up would be too big for me, I’ve got quite small wrists do my watches are all really slim. The Charge HR will be pushing it size wise as it is lol.
      Hopefully they’re released here soon.

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