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Week 3 Results

Another 3lbs off this week.

11lbs down so far 😀



Black to Light Brunette… almost

Ok I did it! I finally attempted to strip the black hair dye out of my hair. It wasn’t a complete success but it’s close. I have photo evidence…


Black to Light Brown

I started with two boxes of “L’Oreal Perfect Blonde Creme Maximum Bleaching Kit”. My hair, even though it’s only a few inches past my shoulders, is incredibly thick so one box of these things never covers my hair.

After the bleach the black had been mostly removed. From the first pictures you can tell my roots are so close to the black dye that it’s hard to see where one meets the other. After the bleach however, I had a perfect blonde/neon orange tideline!

Cue the panic!

I had also bought a couple boxes of “L’Oreal Dark Golden Blonde 7.3” hair dye. I decided to stick with L’Oreal rather than mixing products and they were the only brand I recognised who sold a lightening kit.

After the hair dye it didn’t look too bad thankfully. The lighting in the photo is pretty bad sorry.  It’s lighter than it looks.  The curtains behind me should be baby pink if that helps you picture it. I knew the bleach would leave my hair brassy and orange since I started off so dark. However the blonde dye didn’t quite cover it and it’s still brassy at the roots. A light/medium brown should cover it.

So… voila! The black hair is gone!

A step closer to blonde, though I don’t think I’m quite ready for the jump yet. A lighter shade of brown will do for now 🙂

Uh oh!

I had a moment.  I’m not sure whether to call it brave, stupid or something else.

I was thinking, why do I need to lose weight to be blonde? I can be blonde now.

So did I book into the salon?

No of course not, that would have been sensible.

I bought boxes of hair dye, lightener etc.

It’s on my head right now.

I’m really starting to panic! What have I done?

Naturally I’m one shade away from black.

Wish me luck… Eek!!

At least if it goes wrong I can dye dark over the top right?!

Android Weight Loss App

I’ll start this by pointing out that I’m not getting paid or sponsored or anything to write this, I just found an app I quite like and wanted to share it.

You can get this app on Android and iPhones, it’s called Monitor Your Weight.

You input your height, weight, then tell it what weight you, what weight you want to be and when you want to hit target by.

You can add weight updates and it makes a graph showing your progress and where you need to be to hit target on time.

It monitors you as you go showing the percentage of time passed and the percentage of weight lost and shows your BMI all in a really nice clean image.

I like that I can see how I’m doing right now.  I know I’m 10.39% of the way to target, and that I’ve lost 15.7% of the weight I want to.

It doesn’t give tips or advice, but it’s free and nice for anyone else like me who is a bit mad on making graphs, and charts, and spreadsheets, for any reason what so ever!

A Giggle for a Monday

On Saturday I was browsing Pinterest when I spotted a girls before and after photos.  Underneath was the tag line $15 DIY Wrap.

I clicked through and read her blog.  She’d given herself one of inch loss wraps and her results were incredible. She didn’t weigh or measure herself so she didn’t give specifics but the photo spoke volumes.

There were I think 373 comments on her post, and after browsing through a big chunk of them,mostly saying when they tried it it did nothing… I decided to give it a shot! Of course!

So I bought the cling film, the lotion and looked out every pair of spanx I owned.  Saturday night I slathered, I wrapped, I squeezed, then I waddled to bed all set to sleep to a thinner me.

But that didn’t quite work out.

In fact I actually woke up at 4:40am really sore because of the wrap. I tossed and turned for a while, then gave up and took everything off, cleaned up the lotion that was left over and crawled back into bed.

When I finally did get up for the day I knew I had certainly not had the same results as the original poster, but I’d done all my measurements and my weight to be on the safe side.

I measured exactly the same, and was exactly a pound heavier than bedtime the night before.

The things we’ll do to try and accelerate weight loss!

On the plus side, my healthy eating is starting to show.  My middle is slimming down and I had to hold my jeggings up when we were running to the car in the rain.

Too Much On Your Plate

For once I’m not talking about food.

Today was my dreaded fatigue related doctors appointment. I had a bad turn this afternoon at work and was really struggling with my breathing, but we had a project that had to go out today so I stuck it out and left work with just enough time to get to my appointment.

By the time I sat on the train listening to music and strolled into the surgery with time to spare I was still really struggling to breathe. It felt like I was breathing but not getting any oxygen, sounds mad yes. It makes a change from miraculously recovering hours before seeing a doctor making you look like a total hypochondriac.

I saw the new Dr, a young girl, very pleasant. She took my blood pressure, listened to my chest, all the usual checks and I’ve to go back in to get a full blood check done, looking at iron, thyroid function and a million things I didn’t quite understand.

But she said it’s very possible I’ve just got “too much on my plate”.

So if the tests come back clear for the common causes they can run others to check for less common things. No idea what they may be. But in the meantime I’ve to take it easier.

The things on my plate are my two young daughters and my full time job. I’ve given up all my hobbies, I’ve got no time. I don’t know how to cut back on that. I can’t not work and the overtime is mandatory although even that isn’t running anymore. I’ve only worked there since August so I can’t move jobs and as any parent will tell you, no child understands the term “take it easy”.

For once I’m actually just hoping I’m anaemic or something far less complicated.

Ah vent over. This was definitely more of a Dear Diary post tonight I’m afraid.


Ted, my feel–better–hugs dog


Nessie the Jessie

Am no feert aw Nessie,
Cos she’s an awfy big Jessie!
She’s awfy shy,
An feert aw dingies goan by,
An gobbles up fishies fur her tea.

My daughter wrote this poem for Burns Night and won second prize. Very proud mummy tonight. Think Rabbie Burns would have approved of my four year olds take on his poems?

Obese to Overweight. Week 2 results


Week 2: I lost another 3lbs this week taking my weight loss to 8lbs! That also means I get my half stone award. Hurray! I’d eaten my own body weight in dinner before I went to class which makes it an even better result for me.

I’ve lost 2.5″ off my “tyre” and I’m starting to see a difference. Small but a great start for two weeks in. Hopefully I can sort this fatigue and get some exercise in too.

The best thing this week has been my BMI change. I’m now at 29.7. Which means I’m now classed as overweight and not obese. A step in the right direction  🙂

Tomorrow I see the doctor about my fatigue, I hope he believes me. It’s a new doctor I haven’t seen before so I’ve no idea what to expect. Keep your fingers crossed for me!



It’s been a few days since I last blogged, I’ve been too tired.

In fact tired doesn’t cut it, I’ve been exhausted. Like I just ran a marathon in scorching temperatures carrying a small car uphill after a major insomnia attack the night before type exhausted. Even my breathing is laboured at times. I’m not THAT overweight!

It hit me on Sunday just before lunch. We’d had a quiet Saturday. Watched some movies and gone for a couple mile stroll with the kids. Nothing fast or strenuous. Sunday morning was spent watching movies and sitting in our PJs. After lunch we got dressed to head out to the transport museum.

Then it hit me, right out of the blue. I was shattered.

It’s now Tuesday night and I still feel the same.

I sleep 7-8hrs every night and sometimes 10hrs at the weekend, I’m not sleep deprived!

I’ve had this a lot over the last six months or so. Periods of complete exhaustion.

At first I put it down the stress of starting my new job.
Then the 55hrs a week in my new job.
Then a, hormonal side effect of new birth control.
Then my weight.
Then my poor diet…

But I’ve just had a fortnight off work for Christmas, we’re not working overtime just now so my hours are fine. I can’t find this side effect listed for my birth control, my weight has come down since it started and my diet has drastically improved.

Why am I still struggling? So I’ve had to admit defeat and make a doctors appointment for Friday. My only other thought is that it could be an iron deficiency?

So for now exercise is most definitely out the window. But the healthy eating continues. I might be too tired to run, but I’m not too tired to make healthier choices!


Motivating Image for a Friday


Just a little motivation for what is traditionally ‘take away night’. I managed to stay strong and talk my husband down. 2014 will be the year I get slim and stay slim.

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