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Amazing how a tiny thing can change your mood so quickly.

It’s snowing.  I love the snow!

Emotional Eating

Today has been a bad day, and the hot chocolate and slice of carrot cake sitting in front of me are testemant to that.

Yesterday was my youngest daughters 4th birthday.  We played crazy golf, went to soft play, had breakfast at a lovely restaurant and all the family over for birthday tea.

Today I had to come back to work.  My job is okay, I like my coworkers, but the minimum 10 hours of overtime we have to do on top of our full time hours is awful.  Half of which is completely unpaid! Because I had a day off I had some serious hours to make up today.

But a really bad storm hit during the night.  Winds up to 145mph.

Trains were cancelled.

Buses were cancelled.

I finally found one train running, that tripled my commute and left me walking the last mile or so in the wind and driving rain.

I arrived at work soaked to the skin knowing I still had another 13hrs to go before I could leave.

All public transport has been halted now, so I’m effectively stuck here.  Now my husband will have to keep the girls up long past bedtime to come and pick me up.

I’ll miss dinner.

I’ll miss bedtime stories.

I miss my family.

I know I’m a comfort eater, and I know that’s my weight problem.  I eat a fairly healthy diet, topped up with too many comfort foods, far too many.

But today my willpower just isn’t there. I don’t want to be here, I want to be at home raising my children.  But we can’t survive on one income, we tried. I want to be wearing dry clothes. I want to be paid for the extra hours I have to work that I want to spend with my family. I also want a tub of Ben & Jerrys ice cream.

How do you cope with bad days?

Days like this I wish I at least drank coffee instead!


My First Run

I put a post on here at the end of last week saying how I wanted to give running a go.  I recieved some lovely comments and while my motivation was up I thought I’d go for it!

My first run!

I’d bought clothes and things for going running a while ago, but never really used them.  So rather than collapsing onto the couch I went straight upstairs, got changed and went out for a run! 

I’ve got two dogs and because it was pretty dark I decided to take them with me.  I did two laps, one with each dog.  It’s 2 miles and it took me 38minutes :-O That does include time for “cleaning up” after the dogs and stopping to sniff things though lol. I managed to jog at a gentle pace for the first half mile, then I switched between walking and running.  The second lap I walked the first half, ran a little then walked the rest, I just wasn’t up to keeping going.

So I only really managed to run about a third of it, and it was a fairly short distance.  But I did it! It’s a start, a jumping off point. The dogs loved it as well.  My crazy hyper jack russell and even my big lazy lump of a labrador.

So I’m going to focus more on trying to run more of the distance than on beating my times, since that depends a lot on the dogs as well as me.

I need to find out more about stretches too.  I just used the leg stretches from Zumba which seemed to work, but probably aren’t what I really should be doing.

Anyone else fancy joining my new runner journey?  I always follow back when a blogger follows me 🙂

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