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Evening Munchies


Anyone can hand you food, only you can choose to eat it. Choosing not to seems hardest at night!

Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail

That’s a pretty perfect title for my day yesterday.  I made a real mess of things!

Breakfast: I got up on time, but then the dog walk took longer than usual, we couldn’t find my daughters school tie, I couldn’t find any clean socks.  I ran out of time for my cereal in all the chaos… and then forgot to lift the banana I’d planned on having on the train.

Lunch: In the crazy morning rush I had just crabbed a packet of noodles from the cupboard.  I knew they were syn free at Slimming World so figured that would be a good choice.  But I’d never tried that flavour before and they tasted awful!  I mangaged to mess up cooking them too and they ended up chewy.  I had a little but couldn’t face anymore.  Did I then nip out and grab a soup or something? No I just skipped lunch.

I didn’t have any snacks during the day, because I hadn’t thought to lift anything. I had a couple glasses of orange squash, the sugar in that must have kept me going.

By the time I caught the train home from work I felt so drained.  I got really woozy and dizzy on the train and could barely stay awake.  I thought I might faint walking up the hill to the house.  I almost crawled onto the couch when I got home.

Then I messed up.  I had a couple chocolate digestive biscuits hoping for a quick sugar lift. Cue the guilty chocolate feeling.

Dinner thankfully was lovely.  A spicy sausage and bean casserole.  Since I don’t think I’d eaten any protein whatsoever in more than 24hrs it was very much appreciated. (Thank goodness my husband can cook!)  Again it’s a Slimming World recipe so I knew it would be healthy.

But the biscuit guilt lingered on and I had more chocolate after dinner.

So it was definitely a case of failing to plan and boy did I fail!  I ended up eating junk and feeling awful!

Clean slate… fresh start.

Emotional Eating

Today has been a bad day, and the hot chocolate and slice of carrot cake sitting in front of me are testemant to that.

Yesterday was my youngest daughters 4th birthday.  We played crazy golf, went to soft play, had breakfast at a lovely restaurant and all the family over for birthday tea.

Today I had to come back to work.  My job is okay, I like my coworkers, but the minimum 10 hours of overtime we have to do on top of our full time hours is awful.  Half of which is completely unpaid! Because I had a day off I had some serious hours to make up today.

But a really bad storm hit during the night.  Winds up to 145mph.

Trains were cancelled.

Buses were cancelled.

I finally found one train running, that tripled my commute and left me walking the last mile or so in the wind and driving rain.

I arrived at work soaked to the skin knowing I still had another 13hrs to go before I could leave.

All public transport has been halted now, so I’m effectively stuck here.  Now my husband will have to keep the girls up long past bedtime to come and pick me up.

I’ll miss dinner.

I’ll miss bedtime stories.

I miss my family.

I know I’m a comfort eater, and I know that’s my weight problem.  I eat a fairly healthy diet, topped up with too many comfort foods, far too many.

But today my willpower just isn’t there. I don’t want to be here, I want to be at home raising my children.  But we can’t survive on one income, we tried. I want to be wearing dry clothes. I want to be paid for the extra hours I have to work that I want to spend with my family. I also want a tub of Ben & Jerrys ice cream.

How do you cope with bad days?

Days like this I wish I at least drank coffee instead!


Mental Strength in Weight Loss

Workouts are easy. The real challenges are faced in the kitchen.

– Author Unknown

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