My journey through weight loss, fitness and the new me.

The Project

2015 is a new year, a fresh start, and time for changes.

So here’s a little background on me as I am.  The initial project!

I’m married and have two daughters, in 2015 I’ll turn 28, definitely the wrong end of my twenties and I need to turn things around before it’s too late.  I’m overweight and my fitness levels are pretty poor.  I have very low self confidence which has led to me not bothering to do my hair or my make up most mornings.

My girls deserve a better role model than this.  A healthy Mum who is happy with herself, not getting upset trying to squeeze into clothes that no longer fit.  I should be able to run around and play with them for hours on end, not for five or ten minutes at a time.

So this New Year, 2015, I will begin my new project… Me!  With hard work, motivation and hopefully some therapeutic blogging, this time year I’ll become the Me I want to be.

I’d love to hear from anyone who pops by to read, please do get in touch 🙂


Comments on: "The Project" (3)

  1. I started jan 2 so I´m working on similar project! Good luck girl, I´m looking forward to see you achieve your goals

  2. You have some wonderful goals and I know you will reach them! With hard work and dedication the results will be amazing~ 😀

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