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CWP – Day 1

Day 1 is started off feeling really motivated. I packed my back with a shake and a soup and trotted off to work. I did my usual Starbucks trip to meet a friend, made up my Lactose Free Vanilla Shake and drank it there (sshhh!) It was lovely!

I didn’t start to feel hungry again till near midday, lunchtime is 12:30, perfect! For lunch I had the oriental chilli soup. It had a fair kick to it for a spice woose like me but it was lovely.

Home from work and I had to head straight back out, motorcycle club social night. I grab my mint chocolate bar and run out the door. It’s M’s birthday party so there’s cakes and empire biscuits, plus everyone has dinner from the greasy spoon there. I hold fast and munch my bar… Delicious!! Like mint matchmaker sweeties you get at Christmas.

I was peckish again by the time I got home and really hungry by 10pm so I just headed to bed. That’s normally my bored eating time slot.

Drinking so much water is proving challenging. I’ve never peed so much before in my life lol.

Day 1 done and I feel great. My work friends and my husband are being amazingly supportive


Lost time

So I had quite a big gap in my blog… my fitness blog. I came back fatter, but I don’t see it as lost time.

What have I done with those lose years when I could have been slimming down?

I got my motorcycle license, it was one of my last blog posts. Then I bought a bike, and joined a motorcycle club for ladies only. I’ve ridden all over Scotland eating cake and chips and making incredible friends. Not lost time x

I finished my degree at university and got a Batchelors Degree in Building Services Engineering, getting a Distinction! My Grampa came to my graduation, so did my husband and both my daughter’s, I felt so proud. Not lost time x

I used my degree to get “the job”. I love it! Bonus part… A few months in I recommended my best friend and former colleague for a position now he works with me again too, bonus! I work in a fancy city centre office, I have a window desk and a fantastic boss. Not loss time x

I’ve had a blast the last two years. But now things are settling and it’s time to focus on my weight again.

Cambridge Weight Plan starts tomorrow and I cannot wait!!

I’m back… Cambridge time!

Hello my little blog, it’s been a while.

I’m back, and unfortunately bigger than ever before, but I’m also motivated and determined!

Today I signed up to the Cambridge Weight Plan and tomorrow I meet my consultant.

It’s going to be hard going but I’m hoping it’ll work for me and this summer I’ll finally be slim enough to enjoy it.

Walking without my knees hurting, stairs without ending up breathless, a break from constant sweating.

I can do this.

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