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Week 7 Results – 1st Award!




Week seven back at Slimming World and with a loss this week of 2lbs, I’m now at a total of 1st 1/2lb off, woohoo!

My chicken noodle soup also worked out so I had something nice to take along to the taster session.  One of the guys brought in his pea and ham soup, it was lovely, very filling.  I really need to learn how to cook properly.

Anyway, I’m now down to 11st 12.5lbs. Making it past being 12st something to being 11st something feels like a really big achievement for me.  Now my first interim goal of 10st 6lb doesn’t seem so far fetched any more, it’s my sights.

I’m losing the weight pretty slowly and I know a lot of people will scoff at me taking a week to lose a stone.  I’ve had real problems staying motivated and I’ve slipped up a lot.  But I keep trying. I’m trying to get motivated, I’m trying to make better choices. So long as I keep trying I’ll get there.

I know myself, I’ll have two or three weeks of perfect behaviour and my weight will shoot down, then I’ll spend weeks on end not behaving and either stagnating or losing slightly.  But in the long term my weight is going down.

Tomorrow I’m going to redo my “bikini shots” to see my progress and check my measurements to update my Progress page.  won’t post the pictures though don’t worry haha!

Hope everyone else is doing well x


Idiot Proof Cooking

Yep, idiot proof recipies, that’s what I need to find.

Tonight I’ve got Sliming World and it’s a taster night so we were all to make our favourite soup to bring along and share.  I’m a rotten cook and therefore don’t have a favourite one I make, so I checked my Pinterest boards.  There were loads I wanted to try.

I picked the lemon chicken soup with orzo pasta.  It looked easy enough, and might curb my craving for Chinese food.

I bought my supplies on the way home yesterday and spent an hour lovingly making my soup.  I almost followed the recipe and it smelled lovely.  I’ll admit I skipped the spinach, I can’t stand the taste. I even made maple roasted chickpeas as a crouton alternative to bread.

My croutons were amazing, but a bit soft, I missed the crunch.

My soup, it smelled like lemons and celery with a hint of garlic, and it tasted, like feet! So I decided the spinach was probably in the recipe for a reason.  It was to be added at the end anyway so I popped it in and tasted again.

Now it tasted like a used baby nappy, and it smelled revoulting too.

Okay all is not lost, I have the croutons!

If I can get the crunch I can bring them along to the taster.  They were just too soft just now.  So I switched between grilling them and frying them in a pan (with Fry Light 1 calorie spray, not oil).  I got the crunch, but I also burnt the maple syrup they were lightly coated in.

So now no soup, and no croutons.

My last ditch attempt will be to buy more chicken on the way home and try regular chicken noodle soup to take with me.  But I’m leaving early for an eyebrow wax, have I got time?

I really just cannot cook, who manages to mess up SOUP?!

Creepy Dolls


First of all, sorry for the naked dollies! I wanted to show the shape accurately. Should this have an 18+ rating now? Haha!

In the photo are three of my daughters dolls.
The first is a 1960’s Cindy doll, originally my Mum’s. Second is a 1990’s Cindy doll which used to be mine. Lastly is a 2014 Monster High doll which is part of my oldest daughters collection.

What is going on with these dolls?

Doll one has a slender figure, a flat tummy with a slight hourglass shape. Her breasts are small but realistic. Her legs are well toned and her head isn’t too out of proportion for her body. She came with a majorette outfit.  A short shirt but a high neckline along with boots and a hat. Not too bad.

Doll two. Who called the plastic surgeon? Her waist is all of a sudden ridiculously tiny almost on par with the size of hef neck. And seeing how each breast is almost the size of her head it’s a wonder her tiny waist hasn’t snapped in two! If there is any savings grace here, at least she still has fairly well toned legs and a good sized bum on her. Clothes wise she came with leggings, a turtle neck top, a jacket, boots and a hat. So at least her voluptuous form was well hidden.

Now as if we aren’t appauled enough by the state of doll two, lets assess doll three.

Oh good grief! Who designs the Monster High dolls? Anorexic doesn’t even come close! Her head is gigantic sitting on the sticks that assemble her body. At least the wonder-boobs are gone but what’s with her back? My spine curves like that, albeit to a lesser degree… so I see a physiotherapist. It’s not attractive, it’s painful! Her arms and legs are both spindly twig like forms and there are no signs of hips or a bum anywhere. Clothing… stripper boots and a “dress”. Although at that length I use the term loosely.

When did dolls get so creepy?

My daughter asked for Monster High dolls for Christmas and between us family members she got four dolls. I hadn’t realised how creepy they looked. It’s not just them, there are so many  different brands of anorexic role models. It’s really sad. Why can’t dolls reflect more closely how people actually look?

I’m trying to turn my daughters away from dolls and more towards toys that involve building or creating something but it’s hard. Their friends have whole sets of these dolls and peer pressure is a tough thing to beat.

My oldest daughter is seven and already thinks she’s fat. Or to be more specific she thinks her toes are fat, her hands are fat, her tummy is fat. There isn’t an extra ounce on her that shouldn’t be there.

I recently discovered A Mighty Girl. A website full of ideas an products designed to help our daughters becomemore yhan what they look like. Engineering toys, books with strong heroines, a huge collection of ideas.

Down with creepy dolls!

If their toys are going to influence them I’d rather it be a positive influence. A reassuring,  empowering influence that encourages and promotes their individual strengths and wants in life.

I don’t want either of my daughters ending up as critical of their appearance as I am of mine.

Women Are Dying to be Thin


An image I saw on A Mighty Girl’s Facebook page this evening and thought I’d share on. Some of it is pretty shocking.


Our Charity Showcase

A little clip showing our chairty fundraiser night, including a little behind the scenes peek.

My fitness secret… burlesque


My old ‘fitness clothes’

This is me a couple years ago at a shoot I did as part of our burlesque class.

Now before your mind instantly runs away to nipple tassles and strippers stop!  It was first and foremost and exercise class, with some fun, flirty elements added in. But we did do the class in heels and corsets were optional 😉

I started the class when my weight was getting lower and I was feeling more confident.  Luckily it was a brand new class and there were only three of us there.  I emailed the instructor back and forth and she really put me at ease.

The class was BRUTAL! I’ve never had a workout like it.

Imagine you’re on a stage.  Music starts playing.  You’re wearing you’re regular gym clothes but also a pair of killer heels. You’re sitting on a wooden chair, side on. You’re miming along to the music, pretending to sip champagne, flicking your hair and making flirty winks at the other girls on the stage.  You bite your elbow glove off with your teeth and throw it away.  Sounds quite saucy, even a little fun?

But that chair you’re sitting on, side on.  You’re leaning back at a 45° angle.  You’re legs are also up at a 45° angle, and you’re pretending to cycle, kicking your legs in time with the music, for the whole song.

Can you image doing a bicycle for 4 minutes straight?

The acting distracts you and keeps you focused on something else for a little while.

It was an absolute killer!

Then comes the next song.  A mix of squats (in stilettos) and those leg lifts you do when you lie on one side and lift one leg up and down, pulsing at height.

It was great fun though, and we got to do little routines and wear feather boas.

I even performed a couple of times.  That was absolutely terrifying. First time it was me and one other girl performing as a sort of midway act in a pole dancing class showcase. Those girls were athletic!  No way could I hold myself sideways using only the strength in my arms. We also did a dance as part of a big opening event for a swish hair salon.  We got to dance down the posh stairs and perform using the salon chairs, it was such a buzz!  It still feels odd sitting there to get my hair done.

I met so many lovely people in the classes, from the young, old, fat, glamorous, confident and even shy girls at the classes.

Most of them I met at our big charity fundraiser.

Although it was predominantly a fitness class, we did have one big night where we ran a charity fundraiser for the women’s health unit at the hospital. We sold tickets, did raffles, and even a dancers sponsorship. This meant costumes, hair, make up, photographers, videographers and even the local press.

Me and two of the other girls made it into the paper under their celeb readers section, shown on stage reading the paper. (Yes it has a very small readership lol).

All the different classes came together for one night.  We all did two songs each and there were filler acts.  The girls from the pole dancing class came back to join us this time, we also had singers, street cheerleaders and an elderly women’s tap class.  It was a fantastic mix

Friends and family bought tickets and came along to support us all.

Our two songs involved us being dressed as ‘the soldiers sweethearts’ and a circus act where I got to be the LION! (Or the leopard anyway, I already had a swimsuit, ears, tail, bow tie etc. (as you do).

This class gave me an incredible boost of self confidence, and not only that, I learned to love how I looked, exactly as I was.  For burlesque you need curves, something to put in your corset, skinny just doesn’t cut it.

Not only was I happier and more confident, but with the intense workouts and extra rehearsal time running up to the show I lost a bit more weight and toned up dramatically.

Far more fun than the treadmill!

But unfortunately burlesque will always conjure up images of nipple tassles, so I had to stop going when I finished college and started work.  I needed to be professional. But I still miss the thrill, and I still have all my costumes just in case.

Have any of you had any different fitness classes?


Week 6 Results…. need help

Another week where I just can’t get my head in gear.

But I did lose another 1/2 lb.62bb369976ffe57dd4d8901f01be8b34

If I keep it up all year that’s 26lbs so I’m still happy to be losing.

But I need to get myself out of this miserable “I can’t do this” mentality or it’s going to take me forever.

I’m down 13lbs now which is fantastic. One more pound and I get my 1st award at Slimming World and I’m going to redo my photos and measurements.

Any tips for getting back on track. I could use the advice.

Weeks 4 & 5 Results

Week 4 – 1/2lb gain

Week 5 – 2lbs off!

12.5lbs off so far.  So if I can get 1.5lbs off this week I’ll get my 1st award and be half way to my first goal weight.


I didn’t post anything about last weeks weight.  Partially because I was annoyed at myself with the small gain, but it was my birthday so it was a very indulgent week and I wasn’t upset about it.  I would rather have birthday cake and a nice meal than feel I was missing out just to lose weight.

This week, 2lbs off.  Very happy with that!!

I haven’t been sticking to the plan, I keep cheating.  I got pretty upset this morning knowing I had to weigh in tonight so for lunch I had a tuna sandwich… and a big slice of carrot cake.

Big surprise to then lose weight.  Just goes to show that even when we think we’ve had a bad week, the scales can prove us wrong.

Favourite low syn treat this week… orange options hot chocolate made with milk and a little swirl of squirty cream.

2 syns for the hot chocolate, milk from my A choice and 1/2 syn for the cream.  Yum!!

How is everyone else doing?

Life Gave Us Lemons….

ImageLife has given us lemons…

Now the choice is, do we make lemonade or bring out the tequila!

My husband is being made redundant.  It’s a voluntary redundancy so we’re happy about it.  He joined the company in the mail room and shot up the ranks over the past 16 years.  Well, maybe the first 8 years.  The recession has left everything stagnant.  Five year pay freeze, pensions slashed to a fraction of their worth, no promotion boards, the list goes on.

So the chance arose for a redundancy package and he jumped at it.

First thoughts were, lets make lemonade with these lemons! We can pay off the few cards we have, clear the car loan and voilà, we have a house deposit.  Finally we can step on that ladder. But then life goes on as before.  New job but still 9-5, five days a week, nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then we had our tequila idea.

Chances are we’re never going to be handed this amount of money again.  Luckily my husband has one of those jobs where his skills transfer to a hundred other positions so I’m not worried about him finding work.  Plus he’s getting to be quite a successful author now so if need be we could live off my wage and book earnings.

We’re in a fantastic position.  We haven’t bought a house yet, we have freedom to up and go. We have two children and two dogs so we’re not about to live out a campervan and tour the world quite yet.  But the girls are young enough that they can easily make new friends and haven’t got boyfriends or study commitments or anything like that.  So we definitely have freedom. We had been planning on leaving this town anyway.  Neither of us are from here originally and with most of the shops on the high street either closed, charity shops or pound stores it’s looking really dreary unfortunately.

So we have… freedom, a nice (not huge but nice) sum of money, a want for change, and we both have jobs on the skilled workers list for emigration to Australia.

It’s something we’ve talked about several times before, but the money was holding us back, we couldn’t do it. Most of the cost would go on flying over our two dogs.  Absolutely part of the family and if they don’t go we don’t go!

There’s a big event on next weekend with migration agents and seminars and all sorts.  We’re going to go see what we can learn.

So I haven’t been blogging, or paying as much attention as I should to what I’ve been eating.  I’ve been reading everything I can find on Australia, visa’s, culture, houses, schools, quarantine, shipping, the list is endless and my head is buzzing!

Life should be an adventure, but I’ve always been more of a wall flower.  Am I up to moving my whole family 12,000 miles around the world?  Landing with no house, no job, six friends in the whole country and never having been to Australia before to live the rest of my life there.

The more I think about it, yeah, I am.


Where we live now.  Small, quiet, friendly, but offers no adventure.ImagePerth, Australia.  We want to head to the city suburbs and start fresh.

When I’m Slim…

I have a checklist app on my phone, and on it I keep a list of all the things I’m going to do when I’m slim (or at least slimmer).

It’s full of things that I’d love to do but haven’t got the confidence to do at the moment.

First on the list is Go Blonde. I did start the process last week and I’m not entirely sure I like even having light brown hair.  Maybe my confidence just isn’t up to it yet.  Going from black to light brown did attract attention and questions from friends and coworkers.  I much prefer to hide at the moment.  So it’s going back on the list for another time.

Here are a selection of my other list items.

  • Bird of prey experience.  Get hands on! This I’ve got booked to do with my eldest daughter in April.
  • Ride a motorbike. I’ve always loved the idea after riding on my boyfriends when I was 15.  I keep saying I’m going to go get my license but with the amount it costs for safety gear I don’t want to buy it until I’m at the same I’m staying at.
  • Get a family portrait done. We’ve had lots of photos of the girls done, quite often a selection with a few photos of us in it as well.  But I always think my weight spoils them and do date haven’t bought a single one I’m in.  I want to be recorded in their lives, but not the way I am.  I want to be healthy and vibrant.  My girls are what keeps me going on this journey.
  • Run a 5k in under 30 minutes. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve heard, under 30 minutes is a respectable time. I’ve been to the gym and trainers and things in the past and had some great successes.  But I’ve never been a runner.  It’s something I want to do for me, when there’s less of my to humf down the road.
  • Learn to ski. This just looks like amazing fun! I don’t meant I want to be in the olympics, or even go on ski trips, I just want to try it. But again my weight is holding me back. If I were a slim healthy 27 year old falling over during my lesson who cares.  But right now, I think I’d more resemble a turtle who’s landed on their back, rolling around madly and can’t get up.  Awkward and uncomfortable!  No chance I’ll be able to last a lesson without falling either. Where would be the fun in that?
  • Last on the list, and a biggy! This one is getting it’s own post as well. Emigrate.

Do you have anything you want to do that you’ve not got the confidence for yet?  Anything you’re almost ready to go for? Or something you finally found the confidence to do?  I’d love to hear everyone else’s experiences.

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