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A Giggle for a Monday

On Saturday I was browsing Pinterest when I spotted a girls before and after photos.  Underneath was the tag line $15 DIY Wrap.

I clicked through and read her blog.  She’d given herself one of inch loss wraps and her results were incredible. She didn’t weigh or measure herself so she didn’t give specifics but the photo spoke volumes.

There were I think 373 comments on her post, and after browsing through a big chunk of them,mostly saying when they tried it it did nothing… I decided to give it a shot! Of course!

So I bought the cling film, the lotion and looked out every pair of spanx I owned.  Saturday night I slathered, I wrapped, I squeezed, then I waddled to bed all set to sleep to a thinner me.

But that didn’t quite work out.

In fact I actually woke up at 4:40am really sore because of the wrap. I tossed and turned for a while, then gave up and took everything off, cleaned up the lotion that was left over and crawled back into bed.

When I finally did get up for the day I knew I had certainly not had the same results as the original poster, but I’d done all my measurements and my weight to be on the safe side.

I measured exactly the same, and was exactly a pound heavier than bedtime the night before.

The things we’ll do to try and accelerate weight loss!

On the plus side, my healthy eating is starting to show.  My middle is slimming down and I had to hold my jeggings up when we were running to the car in the rain.


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