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My fitness secret… burlesque


My old ‘fitness clothes’

This is me a couple years ago at a shoot I did as part of our burlesque class.

Now before your mind instantly runs away to nipple tassles and strippers stop!  It was first and foremost and exercise class, with some fun, flirty elements added in. But we did do the class in heels and corsets were optional 😉

I started the class when my weight was getting lower and I was feeling more confident.  Luckily it was a brand new class and there were only three of us there.  I emailed the instructor back and forth and she really put me at ease.

The class was BRUTAL! I’ve never had a workout like it.

Imagine you’re on a stage.  Music starts playing.  You’re wearing you’re regular gym clothes but also a pair of killer heels. You’re sitting on a wooden chair, side on. You’re miming along to the music, pretending to sip champagne, flicking your hair and making flirty winks at the other girls on the stage.  You bite your elbow glove off with your teeth and throw it away.  Sounds quite saucy, even a little fun?

But that chair you’re sitting on, side on.  You’re leaning back at a 45° angle.  You’re legs are also up at a 45° angle, and you’re pretending to cycle, kicking your legs in time with the music, for the whole song.

Can you image doing a bicycle for 4 minutes straight?

The acting distracts you and keeps you focused on something else for a little while.

It was an absolute killer!

Then comes the next song.  A mix of squats (in stilettos) and those leg lifts you do when you lie on one side and lift one leg up and down, pulsing at height.

It was great fun though, and we got to do little routines and wear feather boas.

I even performed a couple of times.  That was absolutely terrifying. First time it was me and one other girl performing as a sort of midway act in a pole dancing class showcase. Those girls were athletic!  No way could I hold myself sideways using only the strength in my arms. We also did a dance as part of a big opening event for a swish hair salon.  We got to dance down the posh stairs and perform using the salon chairs, it was such a buzz!  It still feels odd sitting there to get my hair done.

I met so many lovely people in the classes, from the young, old, fat, glamorous, confident and even shy girls at the classes.

Most of them I met at our big charity fundraiser.

Although it was predominantly a fitness class, we did have one big night where we ran a charity fundraiser for the women’s health unit at the hospital. We sold tickets, did raffles, and even a dancers sponsorship. This meant costumes, hair, make up, photographers, videographers and even the local press.

Me and two of the other girls made it into the paper under their celeb readers section, shown on stage reading the paper. (Yes it has a very small readership lol).

All the different classes came together for one night.  We all did two songs each and there were filler acts.  The girls from the pole dancing class came back to join us this time, we also had singers, street cheerleaders and an elderly women’s tap class.  It was a fantastic mix

Friends and family bought tickets and came along to support us all.

Our two songs involved us being dressed as ‘the soldiers sweethearts’ and a circus act where I got to be the LION! (Or the leopard anyway, I already had a swimsuit, ears, tail, bow tie etc. (as you do).

This class gave me an incredible boost of self confidence, and not only that, I learned to love how I looked, exactly as I was.  For burlesque you need curves, something to put in your corset, skinny just doesn’t cut it.

Not only was I happier and more confident, but with the intense workouts and extra rehearsal time running up to the show I lost a bit more weight and toned up dramatically.

Far more fun than the treadmill!

But unfortunately burlesque will always conjure up images of nipple tassles, so I had to stop going when I finished college and started work.  I needed to be professional. But I still miss the thrill, and I still have all my costumes just in case.

Have any of you had any different fitness classes?



Gym Fear and the Kinect

I was all set to join the gym in the new year, will all the other resolutioners.  I don’t find it as daunting then since there are more over weight people than the rest of the year.  Classes are fuller so it’s easier to hide until I get the hang of things and there was a very good deal being offered at my nearest gym.  But things haven’t worked out.

The local women’s only gym closed down on December 31st which is a real shame.  Then I started seeing WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, you name it, covered in posts from people who hate the influx of resolutioners clogging up the gym.  That was all it took.  My little spark of confidence was gone.  It was bad enough going to be overweight and unfit and trying to change that, but knowing that people might resent me being there!  I’m not quite up to the challenge.

So I’m not joining a gym at all.

Instead I’ve bought weights for the house, a skipping rope, pilates resistance bands and Kinect ‘games’.

I had my first proper go on the Kinect workout last night.  I put it on a few days earlier to see what was on it, but last night was the first proper workout.  I did ten minutes of cardio boxing, ten minutes of the yoga/pilates holding weights, then a couple fitness games to rest a bit, then one of the personal trainer sessions.  Safe to say I was sore, exhasuted and dripping by the end.  I felt great! Today I’m pretty stiff and a bit achey but not at all put off.

If I can get a workout like that in my living room do I really need a gym?  Tonight I’m going to go for a run since it’s meant to be dry, then maybe some skipping in the back garden and stretches and weights afterwards catching up with Dexter Season 8 on Netflix.

Motivation is still pretty high.  The book I mentioned before, Adore Yourself Slim, does seem to be making a difference to my attitude this time. I’m still only about a quarter of the way through though.

How is everyone else getting on?

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