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Positive Surroundings

Too many of us focus on our weight. We want to look like models and actresses. Why?

Have you ever read Gwyneth Paltrows three beans in a cup of water diet? No thank you, she might be skinny but surely that’s just not healthy. 

We get used to seeing these people, idolising them. Over time you stop realising how different they look to normal people. Jennifer Lawrence says she’s considered a fat actress. Have you seen her?! Beautiful!

The base of my spine curves like Kim Kardashian in her bare bum photo. Really pronounced. It hurts. I go to physiotherapy.  It’s not something you want I promise. That photo just looks strange to me. 

I remember shopping online ages ago, I tried to find the site again and couldn’t. They list their models stats next to the clothes pictures. I started to make a game of it, guessing what they’d be. I was miles out. I was guessing size 6-8 and most were 0’s. I’m seeing these women as being normal slim sizes when they were miles away from that. My perception was so off. 

Take a minute, just a minute. 

What do you surround yourself with? 

Do you buy the glossy magazines?

Do you watch celebrity TV shows?

Who do you follow on social media?

I used to surround myself with all the wrong things. Even down to Pinterest boards with treats and deserts. A quick skim down my Pinterest feed and I’d be ‘hungry’. For chocolate, only chocolate. 

Now I follow exercise boards and healthy eating boards as well. I also have a curvy women board. Healthy figures with curves I’d like to get have, to replace the waif board I had before. 

I’ve stopped buying magazines and I’ve unfollowed a lot of Facebook pages. 

I now follow pages for plus size models. The ones with healthy BMIs and curves. Women I actually want to look like and could achieve. 

I’ve just started to follow Healthy Is The New Skinny. They’ve got some fantastic positive messages.

So far I’ve only lost 1lb and my measurements haven’t shifted much, but it’s only been a week. I hadn’t expected them too. 

What has shocked me is that when I tighten the muscles in my arms, I can actually see something happening haha! I’ve been able to up the intensity of my workouts and add extras weights in throughout the day. 

And more surprising yet, surrounding myself with so many positive influences has made me happier about who I am already. Even with very little change so far, I’ve decided I do like me



21 Day Arm Sculpting Challenge

   A quick browse round Pinterest and eventually I think I may have found something that will help. 
I have exactly 21 days until the work Highland games trip. I think I might see if I can find a similar leg workout to slip into those rest days. 

Although her weights do look a tad bigger than my 2.5kg ones. 

Gym Fear and the Kinect

I was all set to join the gym in the new year, will all the other resolutioners.  I don’t find it as daunting then since there are more over weight people than the rest of the year.  Classes are fuller so it’s easier to hide until I get the hang of things and there was a very good deal being offered at my nearest gym.  But things haven’t worked out.

The local women’s only gym closed down on December 31st which is a real shame.  Then I started seeing WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, you name it, covered in posts from people who hate the influx of resolutioners clogging up the gym.  That was all it took.  My little spark of confidence was gone.  It was bad enough going to be overweight and unfit and trying to change that, but knowing that people might resent me being there!  I’m not quite up to the challenge.

So I’m not joining a gym at all.

Instead I’ve bought weights for the house, a skipping rope, pilates resistance bands and Kinect ‘games’.

I had my first proper go on the Kinect workout last night.  I put it on a few days earlier to see what was on it, but last night was the first proper workout.  I did ten minutes of cardio boxing, ten minutes of the yoga/pilates holding weights, then a couple fitness games to rest a bit, then one of the personal trainer sessions.  Safe to say I was sore, exhasuted and dripping by the end.  I felt great! Today I’m pretty stiff and a bit achey but not at all put off.

If I can get a workout like that in my living room do I really need a gym?  Tonight I’m going to go for a run since it’s meant to be dry, then maybe some skipping in the back garden and stretches and weights afterwards catching up with Dexter Season 8 on Netflix.

Motivation is still pretty high.  The book I mentioned before, Adore Yourself Slim, does seem to be making a difference to my attitude this time. I’m still only about a quarter of the way through though.

How is everyone else getting on?

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