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Clothes Sizes and Skinny Models

Not long ago I spotted a gorgeous dress on Pinterest and clicked through to the website to see more info. It was an American website and shipping was pricey. I didn’t save the website though some of you may recognise it when I describe it. The website itself isn’t important.

In the information box next to the picture was a tab where you could see information on the model in the photograph.

Looking at the girl I guessed she was around a size 8, she was actually a size 4! (Listed as size 0 but I’ve converted using the chart below since it was a US website.) The website listed some basic measurements and I realised that this girls waist was the same size as my thigh!

So I’m staring at my leg thinking that either
A. I’m way way bigger than I’d realised or
B. I’ve come to accept super skinny as what normal looks like. A scary thought.

To me this girl looked slim, but not skinny. At what point do you hit skinny? What BMI do these girls have at size 4/0?

I kept thinking, it’s been stuck on my mind ever since. I want to look that thin, like the model. But I don’t know any store that even stocks a size 4 and most start at size 8 (UK).

No wonder teenagers have such body image problems. I’m in my late twenties and I’m struggling. My seven year old daughter asked me the other day if her big toe was fat?!

So now I’ve got another goal to add to the list. Get myself to a healthy, happy weight and try to be the role model my daughter needs. I’m also going to stop comparing myself to others so much or I’ll never end up happy.



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