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Week 7 Results – 1st Award!




Week seven back at Slimming World and with a loss this week of 2lbs, I’m now at a total of 1st 1/2lb off, woohoo!

My chicken noodle soup also worked out so I had something nice to take along to the taster session.  One of the guys brought in his pea and ham soup, it was lovely, very filling.  I really need to learn how to cook properly.

Anyway, I’m now down to 11st 12.5lbs. Making it past being 12st something to being 11st something feels like a really big achievement for me.  Now my first interim goal of 10st 6lb doesn’t seem so far fetched any more, it’s my sights.

I’m losing the weight pretty slowly and I know a lot of people will scoff at me taking a week to lose a stone.  I’ve had real problems staying motivated and I’ve slipped up a lot.  But I keep trying. I’m trying to get motivated, I’m trying to make better choices. So long as I keep trying I’ll get there.

I know myself, I’ll have two or three weeks of perfect behaviour and my weight will shoot down, then I’ll spend weeks on end not behaving and either stagnating or losing slightly.  But in the long term my weight is going down.

Tomorrow I’m going to redo my “bikini shots” to see my progress and check my measurements to update my Progress page.  won’t post the pictures though don’t worry haha!

Hope everyone else is doing well x


Idiot Proof Cooking

Yep, idiot proof recipies, that’s what I need to find.

Tonight I’ve got Sliming World and it’s a taster night so we were all to make our favourite soup to bring along and share.  I’m a rotten cook and therefore don’t have a favourite one I make, so I checked my Pinterest boards.  There were loads I wanted to try.

I picked the lemon chicken soup with orzo pasta.  It looked easy enough, and might curb my craving for Chinese food.

I bought my supplies on the way home yesterday and spent an hour lovingly making my soup.  I almost followed the recipe and it smelled lovely.  I’ll admit I skipped the spinach, I can’t stand the taste. I even made maple roasted chickpeas as a crouton alternative to bread.

My croutons were amazing, but a bit soft, I missed the crunch.

My soup, it smelled like lemons and celery with a hint of garlic, and it tasted, like feet! So I decided the spinach was probably in the recipe for a reason.  It was to be added at the end anyway so I popped it in and tasted again.

Now it tasted like a used baby nappy, and it smelled revoulting too.

Okay all is not lost, I have the croutons!

If I can get the crunch I can bring them along to the taster.  They were just too soft just now.  So I switched between grilling them and frying them in a pan (with Fry Light 1 calorie spray, not oil).  I got the crunch, but I also burnt the maple syrup they were lightly coated in.

So now no soup, and no croutons.

My last ditch attempt will be to buy more chicken on the way home and try regular chicken noodle soup to take with me.  But I’m leaving early for an eyebrow wax, have I got time?

I really just cannot cook, who manages to mess up SOUP?!

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