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It’s that time again

It’s almost that time of year again. New year, new beginning, time to lose the weight.

We say it every year but how many of us actually achieve the goal? Those that do, how do they do it?

I know myself, I need to be in the right mindset to slim down. I’ve been getting slowly bigger for quite a while now, in at my biggest ever. But it’s only been the last few weeks I’ve wanted to diet.

I’ve wanted to be slim, just not to diet.

Being Christmas I haven’t acted on it but I’ve found that subconsciously I’ve been skipping desert, taking smaller helpings and avoiding snacking as often. I figure there’s no point trying to actually diet at this time of year.

But like so many people I’ll be honest

I don’t really know the best way to lose weight.

There are so many “common sense” approaches like “eat less, move more”. That sounds great but how much less, how much more?

They’ve got research that proves crash diets give a great boost giving quick results and are the way to go short term. They also have research that proves crash diets are always doomed the failure. What would “they” suggest then?

I’ve been told before its 80% diet 20% exercise so I’m not stressing too much about the exercise. Correct me if that’s wrong. I’ll keep trying to build up to running a mile without a break, something I can’t do yet.

I still have no idea about diet, there are a ridiculous number of options and like everyone in impatient for results.

What do you do?

Calorie control, low GI, paleo, weight watchers, slimming world, carb free, juicing, lots of mini meals?

Help! Any tips to share?


What is healthy eating to you?

I need to lose weight.  But I don’t want to diet, I want to eat healthily.

I need to lose 30-40lbs by our holiday in mid July, which gives me 11 weeks.

3-4lbs a week, think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

I used to follow Slimming World, but I feel like I need a change.

I’ve browsed the shelves of the bookstore, I’ve looked at books on Amazon, I’ve looked at online plans and websites.  I’ve looked at Diet Chef, Lighter Life, Weight Watchers, The 21 Day Diet, The Cambridge Diet, hypnosis and gastric band therapy.

All I can gather is that no one agrees on anything!!

So what do you do?  What works for you, or what doesn’t work?

  • No carbs at all, no carbs after lunch or leave carbs alone!
  • No dairy
  • No sugar
  • Nothing processed what so ever
  • Counting calories
  • Mini portions
  • Just exercise
  • Cut out the late night snacks
  • Diet pills

I just have no idea where to start.  

Diet pills I’ve pretty much discounted.  Even those that just say they curb appetite, I need to learn to listen to my body and comfort eating is my issue anyway.

What works for you?

Week 7 Results – 1st Award!




Week seven back at Slimming World and with a loss this week of 2lbs, I’m now at a total of 1st 1/2lb off, woohoo!

My chicken noodle soup also worked out so I had something nice to take along to the taster session.  One of the guys brought in his pea and ham soup, it was lovely, very filling.  I really need to learn how to cook properly.

Anyway, I’m now down to 11st 12.5lbs. Making it past being 12st something to being 11st something feels like a really big achievement for me.  Now my first interim goal of 10st 6lb doesn’t seem so far fetched any more, it’s my sights.

I’m losing the weight pretty slowly and I know a lot of people will scoff at me taking a week to lose a stone.  I’ve had real problems staying motivated and I’ve slipped up a lot.  But I keep trying. I’m trying to get motivated, I’m trying to make better choices. So long as I keep trying I’ll get there.

I know myself, I’ll have two or three weeks of perfect behaviour and my weight will shoot down, then I’ll spend weeks on end not behaving and either stagnating or losing slightly.  But in the long term my weight is going down.

Tomorrow I’m going to redo my “bikini shots” to see my progress and check my measurements to update my Progress page.  won’t post the pictures though don’t worry haha!

Hope everyone else is doing well x

Week 6 Results…. need help

Another week where I just can’t get my head in gear.

But I did lose another 1/2 lb.62bb369976ffe57dd4d8901f01be8b34

If I keep it up all year that’s 26lbs so I’m still happy to be losing.

But I need to get myself out of this miserable “I can’t do this” mentality or it’s going to take me forever.

I’m down 13lbs now which is fantastic. One more pound and I get my 1st award at Slimming World and I’m going to redo my photos and measurements.

Any tips for getting back on track. I could use the advice.

Weeks 4 & 5 Results

Week 4 – 1/2lb gain

Week 5 – 2lbs off!

12.5lbs off so far.  So if I can get 1.5lbs off this week I’ll get my 1st award and be half way to my first goal weight.


I didn’t post anything about last weeks weight.  Partially because I was annoyed at myself with the small gain, but it was my birthday so it was a very indulgent week and I wasn’t upset about it.  I would rather have birthday cake and a nice meal than feel I was missing out just to lose weight.

This week, 2lbs off.  Very happy with that!!

I haven’t been sticking to the plan, I keep cheating.  I got pretty upset this morning knowing I had to weigh in tonight so for lunch I had a tuna sandwich… and a big slice of carrot cake.

Big surprise to then lose weight.  Just goes to show that even when we think we’ve had a bad week, the scales can prove us wrong.

Favourite low syn treat this week… orange options hot chocolate made with milk and a little swirl of squirty cream.

2 syns for the hot chocolate, milk from my A choice and 1/2 syn for the cream.  Yum!!

How is everyone else doing?

Obese to Overweight. Week 2 results


Week 2: I lost another 3lbs this week taking my weight loss to 8lbs! That also means I get my half stone award. Hurray! I’d eaten my own body weight in dinner before I went to class which makes it an even better result for me.

I’ve lost 2.5″ off my “tyre” and I’m starting to see a difference. Small but a great start for two weeks in. Hopefully I can sort this fatigue and get some exercise in too.

The best thing this week has been my BMI change. I’m now at 29.7. Which means I’m now classed as overweight and not obese. A step in the right direction  🙂

Tomorrow I see the doctor about my fatigue, I hope he believes me. It’s a new doctor I haven’t seen before so I’ve no idea what to expect. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Slimming World – Week 1



I had a little slip up during the week, but did my best to make up for it over the last couple days. Apart from that I’ve been good, stayed on plan and enjoyed it!

This week I lost 5lbs, 1.5″ from my waist and I was Slimmer of the Week! I got to move 10 beads across my weight loss jars too.

I know normally you can’t be slimmer of the week on your first week but we were a completely new class so a bit different.

I’m absolutely over the moon! I cut out all the nonsense junk I was eating and stuffed myself with fruit, veg and lovely home cooked meals. I’ve got 53 dinner recipes saved in my slimming world website and I haven’t even checked out breakfast,  lunch or deserts yet.

I’m really enjoying eating a healthier diet.

Don’t get my wrong I miss chocolate like crazy but I haven’t stopped eating it either. I just eat the right things and in moderation.

I’ve already got my Friday night chocolate treat planned.

A bag of caramel snack a jacks (rice cakes) with a tbsp of Nutella (4.5 syns) split up between them. Then 30 seconds under the grill to just start it melting. Bliss.

Next week I’m aiming for 2lbs off and my half stone award. I also need to investigate low syn sausages.

How is everyone else doing this week?

Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail

That’s a pretty perfect title for my day yesterday.  I made a real mess of things!

Breakfast: I got up on time, but then the dog walk took longer than usual, we couldn’t find my daughters school tie, I couldn’t find any clean socks.  I ran out of time for my cereal in all the chaos… and then forgot to lift the banana I’d planned on having on the train.

Lunch: In the crazy morning rush I had just crabbed a packet of noodles from the cupboard.  I knew they were syn free at Slimming World so figured that would be a good choice.  But I’d never tried that flavour before and they tasted awful!  I mangaged to mess up cooking them too and they ended up chewy.  I had a little but couldn’t face anymore.  Did I then nip out and grab a soup or something? No I just skipped lunch.

I didn’t have any snacks during the day, because I hadn’t thought to lift anything. I had a couple glasses of orange squash, the sugar in that must have kept me going.

By the time I caught the train home from work I felt so drained.  I got really woozy and dizzy on the train and could barely stay awake.  I thought I might faint walking up the hill to the house.  I almost crawled onto the couch when I got home.

Then I messed up.  I had a couple chocolate digestive biscuits hoping for a quick sugar lift. Cue the guilty chocolate feeling.

Dinner thankfully was lovely.  A spicy sausage and bean casserole.  Since I don’t think I’d eaten any protein whatsoever in more than 24hrs it was very much appreciated. (Thank goodness my husband can cook!)  Again it’s a Slimming World recipe so I knew it would be healthy.

But the biscuit guilt lingered on and I had more chocolate after dinner.

So it was definitely a case of failing to plan and boy did I fail!  I ended up eating junk and feeling awful!

Clean slate… fresh start.

Gym Fear and the Kinect

I was all set to join the gym in the new year, will all the other resolutioners.  I don’t find it as daunting then since there are more over weight people than the rest of the year.  Classes are fuller so it’s easier to hide until I get the hang of things and there was a very good deal being offered at my nearest gym.  But things haven’t worked out.

The local women’s only gym closed down on December 31st which is a real shame.  Then I started seeing WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, you name it, covered in posts from people who hate the influx of resolutioners clogging up the gym.  That was all it took.  My little spark of confidence was gone.  It was bad enough going to be overweight and unfit and trying to change that, but knowing that people might resent me being there!  I’m not quite up to the challenge.

So I’m not joining a gym at all.

Instead I’ve bought weights for the house, a skipping rope, pilates resistance bands and Kinect ‘games’.

I had my first proper go on the Kinect workout last night.  I put it on a few days earlier to see what was on it, but last night was the first proper workout.  I did ten minutes of cardio boxing, ten minutes of the yoga/pilates holding weights, then a couple fitness games to rest a bit, then one of the personal trainer sessions.  Safe to say I was sore, exhasuted and dripping by the end.  I felt great! Today I’m pretty stiff and a bit achey but not at all put off.

If I can get a workout like that in my living room do I really need a gym?  Tonight I’m going to go for a run since it’s meant to be dry, then maybe some skipping in the back garden and stretches and weights afterwards catching up with Dexter Season 8 on Netflix.

Motivation is still pretty high.  The book I mentioned before, Adore Yourself Slim, does seem to be making a difference to my attitude this time. I’m still only about a quarter of the way through though.

How is everyone else getting on?

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