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Does exercise really effect weight loss?

To reach my target I need to lose 3-4lbs a week.

Diet alone I’m only expecting to lose 1-2lbs a week.  Any more and I can’t hope to keep in off right?

So what difference will it make if I exercise, will it do much to increase my weight loss?

What would be the best type of exercise to do?

A Google search has come up with lots of websites suggesting the same things, so here’s my top five list of weight loss boosting exercise.

  1. High Intensity – I found an interesting article here claiming two 20 second bursts a week can be better than a full gym session. Don’t think I believe that, but I did used to see a personal trainer once a week for a 30 minute High Intensity training session and I saw fantastic results.
  2. Compound Exercise – To me this one seems more like common sense, but a loss of weight loss is just common sense.  Try to do exercises that work as many muscle groups at once as possible.  Why work one at a time when you can work three at a time?  I wonder if this could be combined with high intensity training? Muscles burn calories too so weight training can help to aid weight loss in the long run.
  3. Swimming – Swimming for an hour can burn 800 calories.  It’s low intensity and gives a great all over body workout.  I have a couple reservations about swimming though.  If the pool is quiet, great.  But if you end up swimming while there’s a group of kids practising cannon balls it’s incredibly annoying and stressful.  Plus there’s all the time either end getting the chlorine off your hair and skin.
  4. Cycling – This can burn 800-1000 calories an hour.  An exercise bike in the house would be a good option for me.  I’ve got two young daughters and going to the gym or the pool is time I’m not spending with them.  Say an hour long class, plus time either side to get changed and traveling time there and back, it’s turning into two hours away from home.  I only get a few hours with them at night after work. If I have an exercise bike in the lounge I can use it while I’m watching tv.  Keep an good pace during the show, pedal like a maniac every advert break, plus the girls could still be in the room with me so I’m not missing time with them. I could also jump on when I sweet craving hits.
  5. Skipping – A lot of exercise can mean a big initial outlay, a lot of time, specialist equipment or needing a trainer.  But skipping, just you and a skipping rope.  Head into your garden, or use the local park, or the living room if you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings! Ten minutes can burn up to 200 calories and it’s an ideal one to use when you get a sweet craving.  Just invest in a good sports bra first! I used to love skipping as a child and won the skipping race at sports day every year. (I was rubbish at every other sport, skipping was my saviour!) I’m not sure I could do as many tricks as I used to but it might be a fun way of exercising.

If nothing else I think that exercise works as good motivation during weight loss.  If you’ve just half killed yourself exercising it might make you think twice about sneaking that chocolate bar.  How long would it take to burn it off? Is it really worth it?

What do you do?


Gym Fear and the Kinect

I was all set to join the gym in the new year, will all the other resolutioners.  I don’t find it as daunting then since there are more over weight people than the rest of the year.  Classes are fuller so it’s easier to hide until I get the hang of things and there was a very good deal being offered at my nearest gym.  But things haven’t worked out.

The local women’s only gym closed down on December 31st which is a real shame.  Then I started seeing WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, you name it, covered in posts from people who hate the influx of resolutioners clogging up the gym.  That was all it took.  My little spark of confidence was gone.  It was bad enough going to be overweight and unfit and trying to change that, but knowing that people might resent me being there!  I’m not quite up to the challenge.

So I’m not joining a gym at all.

Instead I’ve bought weights for the house, a skipping rope, pilates resistance bands and Kinect ‘games’.

I had my first proper go on the Kinect workout last night.  I put it on a few days earlier to see what was on it, but last night was the first proper workout.  I did ten minutes of cardio boxing, ten minutes of the yoga/pilates holding weights, then a couple fitness games to rest a bit, then one of the personal trainer sessions.  Safe to say I was sore, exhasuted and dripping by the end.  I felt great! Today I’m pretty stiff and a bit achey but not at all put off.

If I can get a workout like that in my living room do I really need a gym?  Tonight I’m going to go for a run since it’s meant to be dry, then maybe some skipping in the back garden and stretches and weights afterwards catching up with Dexter Season 8 on Netflix.

Motivation is still pretty high.  The book I mentioned before, Adore Yourself Slim, does seem to be making a difference to my attitude this time. I’m still only about a quarter of the way through though.

How is everyone else getting on?

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