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Slimming World – Week 1



I had a little slip up during the week, but did my best to make up for it over the last couple days. Apart from that I’ve been good, stayed on plan and enjoyed it!

This week I lost 5lbs, 1.5″ from my waist and I was Slimmer of the Week! I got to move 10 beads across my weight loss jars too.

I know normally you can’t be slimmer of the week on your first week but we were a completely new class so a bit different.

I’m absolutely over the moon! I cut out all the nonsense junk I was eating and stuffed myself with fruit, veg and lovely home cooked meals. I’ve got 53 dinner recipes saved in my slimming world website and I haven’t even checked out breakfast,  lunch or deserts yet.

I’m really enjoying eating a healthier diet.

Don’t get my wrong I miss chocolate like crazy but I haven’t stopped eating it either. I just eat the right things and in moderation.

I’ve already got my Friday night chocolate treat planned.

A bag of caramel snack a jacks (rice cakes) with a tbsp of Nutella (4.5 syns) split up between them. Then 30 seconds under the grill to just start it melting. Bliss.

Next week I’m aiming for 2lbs off and my half stone award. I also need to investigate low syn sausages.

How is everyone else doing this week?


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