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Android Weight Loss App

I’ll start this by pointing out that I’m not getting paid or sponsored or anything to write this, I just found an app I quite like and wanted to share it.

You can get this app on Android and iPhones, it’s called Monitor Your Weight.

You input your height, weight, then tell it what weight you, what weight you want to be and when you want to hit target by.

You can add weight updates and it makes a graph showing your progress and where you need to be to hit target on time.

It monitors you as you go showing the percentage of time passed and the percentage of weight lost and shows your BMI all in a really nice clean image.

I like that I can see how I’m doing right now.  I know I’m 10.39% of the way to target, and that I’ve lost 15.7% of the weight I want to.

It doesn’t give tips or advice, but it’s free and nice for anyone else like me who is a bit mad on making graphs, and charts, and spreadsheets, for any reason what so ever!


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