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Christmas is not an excuse to get fat!

This has been my favourite excuse for the last couple weeks (and every year at about this time). I’ve run out of time to get slim for Christmas, so I’m waiting until after Christmas to start my new healthy lifestyle…


I’ve still got another month, even at a sensible loss I could have half a stone off by then.  But I’m not the only one.  We use Christmas as an excuse not to eat sensibly.

Christmas dinner isn’t all that unhealthy when you think about it.

If the traditional meal was deep fried, lard smothered, chocolate covered everything then fair enough.  But turkey, potatoes, vegetables, it’s not an unhealthy meal.

We have some extra naughty bits on the plate as well. Stuffing and various sauces for example.  But that one meal really shouldn’t be enough to de-rail us for weeks before and after.

So I’m going to start my healthy eating today and keep eating well through the whole festive period.

I’m going to give people little extras like scarves or toiletries rather than the standard box of chocolates and if I’m given chocolate, I’ll have one from the box (then get my husband to put the box on the top shelf so I can’t reach it lol) rather than the one box at a time I’d have had last year.

Is anyone else going to be behaving through the holidays?  I think we might need to share some will power to get through this one!



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