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Adore Yourself Slim

Like most people I know why I’m overweight. For some of us it’s more convenient to get take away food or eat out, some of us crave sweets or crisps or fizzy drinks. Most of us know what causes us to be overweight.

For me… I comfort eat.

A stressful day at work I turn to ice cream, a fight getting the kids to go to bed and I “need” a biscuit. So I need to learn new ways to cope with stress.

There’s a book I’ve had on my Amazon wish list for months that my husband just bought me. It’s called Adore Yourself Slim (Adore Yourself Slim on Amazon). It seems to focus on learning to love who you are before you begin, dealing with stress eating, creating exercise habits and a whole host of other things.

So far I’ve made it to page 9. On this page I’ve to write down ten things I adore about myself. Personality not looks.

I got to that page around two and a half days ago and I’ve managed to find one thing to put on my list.

I think I see where my problem is!

This book was meant to be my pre diet prep. I think I had underestimated how dented my self esteem really is. But first impressions, this book may be just what I need. I’ll write a full review if I ever manage to get past page 9!

All the best for 2014 x


Emotional Eating

Today has been a bad day, and the hot chocolate and slice of carrot cake sitting in front of me are testemant to that.

Yesterday was my youngest daughters 4th birthday.  We played crazy golf, went to soft play, had breakfast at a lovely restaurant and all the family over for birthday tea.

Today I had to come back to work.  My job is okay, I like my coworkers, but the minimum 10 hours of overtime we have to do on top of our full time hours is awful.  Half of which is completely unpaid! Because I had a day off I had some serious hours to make up today.

But a really bad storm hit during the night.  Winds up to 145mph.

Trains were cancelled.

Buses were cancelled.

I finally found one train running, that tripled my commute and left me walking the last mile or so in the wind and driving rain.

I arrived at work soaked to the skin knowing I still had another 13hrs to go before I could leave.

All public transport has been halted now, so I’m effectively stuck here.  Now my husband will have to keep the girls up long past bedtime to come and pick me up.

I’ll miss dinner.

I’ll miss bedtime stories.

I miss my family.

I know I’m a comfort eater, and I know that’s my weight problem.  I eat a fairly healthy diet, topped up with too many comfort foods, far too many.

But today my willpower just isn’t there. I don’t want to be here, I want to be at home raising my children.  But we can’t survive on one income, we tried. I want to be wearing dry clothes. I want to be paid for the extra hours I have to work that I want to spend with my family. I also want a tub of Ben & Jerrys ice cream.

How do you cope with bad days?

Days like this I wish I at least drank coffee instead!

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