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CWP – Day 1

Day 1 is started off feeling really motivated. I packed my back with a shake and a soup and trotted off to work. I did my usual Starbucks trip to meet a friend, made up my Lactose Free Vanilla Shake and drank it there (sshhh!) It was lovely!

I didn’t start to feel hungry again till near midday, lunchtime is 12:30, perfect! For lunch I had the oriental chilli soup. It had a fair kick to it for a spice woose like me but it was lovely.

Home from work and I had to head straight back out, motorcycle club social night. I grab my mint chocolate bar and run out the door. It’s M’s birthday party so there’s cakes and empire biscuits, plus everyone has dinner from the greasy spoon there. I hold fast and munch my bar… Delicious!! Like mint matchmaker sweeties you get at Christmas.

I was peckish again by the time I got home and really hungry by 10pm so I just headed to bed. That’s normally my bored eating time slot.

Drinking so much water is proving challenging. I’ve never peed so much before in my life lol.

Day 1 done and I feel great. My work friends and my husband are being amazingly supportive


Insanity Day 1 – Maxed Out 7:52

Today my husband and I started Insanity Max 30.

It involves a healthy eating regime and a 30 minute high intensity workout. There is a 30 second water break every five minutes but apart from that it’s all go go go!!

The idea is that you go until you can’t go anymore and need a break. The point where you stop you note the time. That’s your max out time. Then after a brief rest you keep going till the end of the 30 minutes.

Today I maxed out at 7 minutes 52 seconds.

I’m not very fit so I was only expecting to get to maybe three or four minutes so I’m delighted with my start.

Although, I had really wanted to Beaty husband. He managed eight minutes 25 seconds.

I think this is going to be a really hard one to keep up. I need to stay motivated. I can feel already why this works so well. I just need to keep at it!

I did tag an extra little workout on at the end of today. Doing the workout highlighted a rather embarrassing problem, my pelvic floor really isn’t as strong as it was pre-children!

So pelvic toning exerciser was out tonight as well! Need to get back into using that on a daily basis too.

After a lovely long, hot shower I even managed to cram in a couple hours exam revision.

Feeling very on top of things today. It’s a good feeling.

I really need to figure out food though. That can be a separate post!

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