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Obese to Overweight. Week 2 results


Week 2: I lost another 3lbs this week taking my weight loss to 8lbs! That also means I get my half stone award. Hurray! I’d eaten my own body weight in dinner before I went to class which makes it an even better result for me.

I’ve lost 2.5″ off my “tyre” and I’m starting to see a difference. Small but a great start for two weeks in. Hopefully I can sort this fatigue and get some exercise in too.

The best thing this week has been my BMI change. I’m now at 29.7. Which means I’m now classed as overweight and not obese. A step in the right direction  🙂

Tomorrow I see the doctor about my fatigue, I hope he believes me. It’s a new doctor I haven’t seen before so I’ve no idea what to expect. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Weight Loss Goa…

Weight Loss Goal

My goal is to lose 43lbs and get back to my high school weight by June 22nd.

That gives me 29 weeks, 1.5lbs a week and I’m there!

Last time I dieted I was 30lbs lighter that now and I was happy with my weight, but my BMI indicates I should be aiming for 43lbs to hit the middle of the healthy range.


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