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Too Much On Your Plate

For once I’m not talking about food.

Today was my dreaded fatigue related doctors appointment. I had a bad turn this afternoon at work and was really struggling with my breathing, but we had a project that had to go out today so I stuck it out and left work with just enough time to get to my appointment.

By the time I sat on the train listening to music and strolled into the surgery with time to spare I was still really struggling to breathe. It felt like I was breathing but not getting any oxygen, sounds mad yes. It makes a change from miraculously recovering hours before seeing a doctor making you look like a total hypochondriac.

I saw the new Dr, a young girl, very pleasant. She took my blood pressure, listened to my chest, all the usual checks and I’ve to go back in to get a full blood check done, looking at iron, thyroid function and a million things I didn’t quite understand.

But she said it’s very possible I’ve just got “too much on my plate”.

So if the tests come back clear for the common causes they can run others to check for less common things. No idea what they may be. But in the meantime I’ve to take it easier.

The things on my plate are my two young daughters and my full time job. I’ve given up all my hobbies, I’ve got no time. I don’t know how to cut back on that. I can’t not work and the overtime is mandatory although even that isn’t running anymore. I’ve only worked there since August so I can’t move jobs and as any parent will tell you, no child understands the term “take it easy”.

For once I’m actually just hoping I’m anaemic or something far less complicated.

Ah vent over. This was definitely more of a Dear Diary post tonight I’m afraid.


Ted, my feel–better–hugs dog


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