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Blood work results… phew!

My blood test results came back today.  I panicked when my husband called to say the surgery had left me a message to call them back.  I very rarely get blood tests and I’ve never had a phone call about them before.

But to my relief when I called about my results (and got passed around and cutt off and put on hold five times) I finally got my results.  I’ve got a vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency.  I’ve got a prescription for a few months then that should be me back to normal.

No low iron,

No thyroid problems,

Most importantly, it’s not ME/CFS.  I couldn’t shake that from me head even though I knew I’m nowhere near THAT tired!

After a quick google I found a list of symptoms that this causes.  Everthing I have is on the list.  The dizzyness, lethargy, tingling fingers, even the depression I’ve been battling lately.  Which means… hopefully… everything should be resolved in one go.

I’ll be able to go out running again, stand up without falling over.  Fantastic news for my healthy mission.

If they’d said nothing at all was wrong that it would just have been down to my lifestyle, which is a lot harder to fix.  I’m going to try and keep the overtime to a minimum where I can.  Limit it to 10hrs a week rather than 15hrs.  That’s all I can get away with doing really.


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