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Black to Light Brunette… almost

Ok I did it! I finally attempted to strip the black hair dye out of my hair. It wasn’t a complete success but it’s close. I have photo evidence…


Black to Light Brown

I started with two boxes of “L’Oreal Perfect Blonde Creme Maximum Bleaching Kit”. My hair, even though it’s only a few inches past my shoulders, is incredibly thick so one box of these things never covers my hair.

After the bleach the black had been mostly removed. From the first pictures you can tell my roots are so close to the black dye that it’s hard to see where one meets the other. After the bleach however, I had a perfect blonde/neon orange tideline!

Cue the panic!

I had also bought a couple boxes of “L’Oreal Dark Golden Blonde 7.3” hair dye. I decided to stick with L’Oreal rather than mixing products and they were the only brand I recognised who sold a lightening kit.

After the hair dye it didn’t look too bad thankfully. The lighting in the photo is pretty bad sorry.  It’s lighter than it looks.  The curtains behind me should be baby pink if that helps you picture it. I knew the bleach would leave my hair brassy and orange since I started off so dark. However the blonde dye didn’t quite cover it and it’s still brassy at the roots. A light/medium brown should cover it.

So… voila! The black hair is gone!

A step closer to blonde, though I don’t think I’m quite ready for the jump yet. A lighter shade of brown will do for now 🙂


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