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Chop off the locks


My hair is starting to get fairly long again. Still thick as ever too. 

Tomorrow though, my plan is to get the hairdresser to cut the whole lot off!

Short short hair time!

I’m nervous, and excited, and not sure if I’ll even go through with it. 

I’ve always fancied short hair, but worried I’d look like a man. But my hair is way too much work. It’s so thick it takes forever to just blow dry it. 

One of the big pushes though is that I actually avoid exercising because of my hair!! Crazy isn’t it?

It takes so long to wash and dry it that I avoid getting sweaty so I don’t need an extra shower. A daily run then means an extra daily shower. 

With a crazy full time job, a full time engineering degree running at uni, two kids, two dogs and a partridge in a pear tree I think it’s time the hair went. Short hair time. 

But… my hair…



Comments on: "Chop off the locks" (6)

  1. I always feel anxious before a big chop- do you?
    Xoxo K

    • Absolutely! I’ve been nervous all week. My hair grows so slowly so it’ll take a long time to grow out if I hate it. But I do love a new hair style.
      Any plans for a new look at your end?
      K xx

      • I had a bad experience with DIY highlighting in college that took 3 years to grow out- a few weeks ago I added balayage and thank god it came out ok- I was terrified while it was processing!

      • Sounds lovely. I’m too dark to pull it off but it always looks gorgeous on other people.
        The haircut nerves have most definitely hit now. Six hours to go…

  2. Is the soon-to-be chopped long enough to contribute to LOCKS OF LOVE…making wigs for cancer victims?

    • It was something I’d thought about. A couple friends have donated their hair after a cut. Am I right in saying it needs to be a minimum of 6″? I don’t think my hair is in good enough condition though unfortunately.

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