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It’s that time again

It’s almost that time of year again. New year, new beginning, time to lose the weight.

We say it every year but how many of us actually achieve the goal? Those that do, how do they do it?

I know myself, I need to be in the right mindset to slim down. I’ve been getting slowly bigger for quite a while now, in at my biggest ever. But it’s only been the last few weeks I’ve wanted to diet.

I’ve wanted to be slim, just not to diet.

Being Christmas I haven’t acted on it but I’ve found that subconsciously I’ve been skipping desert, taking smaller helpings and avoiding snacking as often. I figure there’s no point trying to actually diet at this time of year.

But like so many people I’ll be honest

I don’t really know the best way to lose weight.

There are so many “common sense” approaches like “eat less, move more”. That sounds great but how much less, how much more?

They’ve got research that proves crash diets give a great boost giving quick results and are the way to go short term. They also have research that proves crash diets are always doomed the failure. What would “they” suggest then?

I’ve been told before its 80% diet 20% exercise so I’m not stressing too much about the exercise. Correct me if that’s wrong. I’ll keep trying to build up to running a mile without a break, something I can’t do yet.

I still have no idea about diet, there are a ridiculous number of options and like everyone in impatient for results.

What do you do?

Calorie control, low GI, paleo, weight watchers, slimming world, carb free, juicing, lots of mini meals?

Help! Any tips to share?


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  1. I have lost over 68 pounds since May 2013 . (Slow I know, but I’m so burned out on diets. Been dieting for 40+ years) Also, I am 62 and old people are supposed to gain, not lose. I lost my weight by eating only three meals, no snacks, half portions, and a lot of prayers.

    • That’s a fantastic weight loss Deborah, well done! It might seem slow, but as they say, a dripping tap still fills a bucket. I think that reducing portions will be one of the ways I’ll be able to lose weight. My diet isn’t that bad really, but I think I eat far too much during meals, then have very long breaks between meals where I have silly snacks I shouldn’t need. Thanks for your advice 🙂

  2. Oh girl I feel you! I’m in this boat too – except this time around (there has been a few times around for me, now) I KNOW what to do! =] You’re totally right about the 80/20 rule for diet vs exercise and I apply that to my eating habits as well. I aim to eat healthy choices 80% of the time and 20% of the time I eat whatever the heck I want =] Small portions of the naughty stuff, while still eating the naughty stuff and feeling satisfied. For me personally, the mini meals worked great while I was at my most fit, but the rest of the time eating cleaner in general really worked! and by that I mean less refined carbs (like bread, pasta, crackers, rice etc) while consuming MORE fruits and veggies. I would still EAT those carbs, but with proper portions. I remember at one point along the way I learned about using your hands as a guide for your portions. Carbs/starchy food servings should be no bigger than a fist, proteins should be no bigger than your palm, and veggies should fill your hands cupped together. Does that all make sense? Anywho, when I would plate up myself for meals it REALLY helped me visualize my portions =] Hope that helps!

    • Hi Hannah, thanks for your message. I think most of us trying to lose weight are doing it for the umpteenth time. Does anyone just start on day 1 and get straight back to skinny?

      I think the trouble is knowing what to do when there are so many people out there telling you conflicting things and that advice seems to change with the seasons.

      So far I’ve changed to just eating healthier. Swapping for better choices, eating more veggies, smaller portions, fruit instead of toast. I’ve also switched to wheat/gluten free products which seems to have helped hwo I’m feeling.

      When you were eating clean did you cut out all pasta? Bread I can give up, but I do love pasta. The rice pasta I’ve been eating recently is lovely.

      I’ve been using your ‘hand guide’ making my meals, it’s been a big help thanks. I’d been splitting it into thirds, so probably having too many carbs on my plate.

      Do you write a blog as well?

      • You’re so right, it’s not about a single time losing “the weight” – but rather it’s a JOURNEY =] I’m so glad to hear that the “hand guide” is helping you with portions! It really really helps me out and is such a great visual guide! For now I aim primarily to just have veggies as my biggest portion, and the rest falls into place =p

        Ooooh pasta is my friend!! I feel ya girl!! That was certainly a tricky one for me! We went completely gluten free a few years ago for several months, but I found after that time that not eating gluten was actually WORSE for my body.. strange huh? Not the same case for my hubby though.. every body is different! But regardless, the best thing to do if you’re trying to avoid wheat, is to just eat MORE veggies and fruits and less processed carbs. Simply replacing one processed carbohydrate for another isn’t going to get you ahead nutritionally, ya know? BUT I will say that if you have a Winco nearby you, you should go check out their bulk section because they have pretty much every pasta in a brown rice version =D And way better on your wallet too!

        I do have a blog, thanks for asking! I’ve been kind of lame about it the last few months though >.< Fall and winter always get me out of my loop, it seems. I was just thinking about that the other day, actually, and about how I should write a blog about it! haha! Anyway, feel free to check it out! The link is

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