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Creepy Dolls


First of all, sorry for the naked dollies! I wanted to show the shape accurately. Should this have an 18+ rating now? Haha!

In the photo are three of my daughters dolls.
The first is a 1960’s Cindy doll, originally my Mum’s. Second is a 1990’s Cindy doll which used to be mine. Lastly is a 2014 Monster High doll which is part of my oldest daughters collection.

What is going on with these dolls?

Doll one has a slender figure, a flat tummy with a slight hourglass shape. Her breasts are small but realistic. Her legs are well toned and her head isn’t too out of proportion for her body. She came with a majorette outfit.  A short shirt but a high neckline along with boots and a hat. Not too bad.

Doll two. Who called the plastic surgeon? Her waist is all of a sudden ridiculously tiny almost on par with the size of hef neck. And seeing how each breast is almost the size of her head it’s a wonder her tiny waist hasn’t snapped in two! If there is any savings grace here, at least she still has fairly well toned legs and a good sized bum on her. Clothes wise she came with leggings, a turtle neck top, a jacket, boots and a hat. So at least her voluptuous form was well hidden.

Now as if we aren’t appauled enough by the state of doll two, lets assess doll three.

Oh good grief! Who designs the Monster High dolls? Anorexic doesn’t even come close! Her head is gigantic sitting on the sticks that assemble her body. At least the wonder-boobs are gone but what’s with her back? My spine curves like that, albeit to a lesser degree… so I see a physiotherapist. It’s not attractive, it’s painful! Her arms and legs are both spindly twig like forms and there are no signs of hips or a bum anywhere. Clothing… stripper boots and a “dress”. Although at that length I use the term loosely.

When did dolls get so creepy?

My daughter asked for Monster High dolls for Christmas and between us family members she got four dolls. I hadn’t realised how creepy they looked. It’s not just them, there are so many  different brands of anorexic role models. It’s really sad. Why can’t dolls reflect more closely how people actually look?

I’m trying to turn my daughters away from dolls and more towards toys that involve building or creating something but it’s hard. Their friends have whole sets of these dolls and peer pressure is a tough thing to beat.

My oldest daughter is seven and already thinks she’s fat. Or to be more specific she thinks her toes are fat, her hands are fat, her tummy is fat. There isn’t an extra ounce on her that shouldn’t be there.

I recently discovered A Mighty Girl. A website full of ideas an products designed to help our daughters becomemore yhan what they look like. Engineering toys, books with strong heroines, a huge collection of ideas.

Down with creepy dolls!

If their toys are going to influence them I’d rather it be a positive influence. A reassuring,  empowering influence that encourages and promotes their individual strengths and wants in life.

I don’t want either of my daughters ending up as critical of their appearance as I am of mine.


Comments on: "Creepy Dolls" (3)

  1. This is very disturbing, Seeing them lined up makes for a clear comparison – and illustrates just how low we’ve sunk as a society — that this is the beauty norm. Thanks for a real eye-opener.

    • We seem to be getting farther and farther from realistic obtainable beauty. No one can live up to the standards we have these days. Everything is air brushed and overly perfect.

  2. There is something seriously flawed with that Monster High Doll, eek! I was in the doll aisle the other week and saw them up close for the first time, even in the packaging they are creepy, get her naked and ick!ick!ick!
    Something I did notice though, I took a look at some Barbie dolls and the first sentence out of my mouth was “when did Barbie get fat?” She is definitely bigger! Not in a bad way, in a she now looks more realistic kind of way but then I was appalled at my reaction. Since when did a slightly more normal looking doll qualify as “fat looking”? The media has gotten to meeee! Ack!! lol

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