My journey through weight loss, fitness and the new me.

Let’s play a game…

This game always makes me feel fantastic.

I’ve had a few days eating junk with having family over and my birthday. It tasted lovely but I feel terrible. Just a couple bad meals! I’m back to feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Fresh start today.

To cheer me up I’m going to play my favourite game. A game I think everyone should play.

Smiling At Strangers

It’s not exactly a cryptic title so you’ve probably figured it out.

When I’m feeling shy I start with shop staff. I pay for whatever I have, say thanks and beam a huge smile across the counter… and they smile back.

Walking past people in the street. Give them a smile. That awkward moment on public transport when you make eye contact… smile!

I tend to stick to other women or at least not guys my age, just incase they get the wrong idea lol.

Seeing all these people smile is infectious and really helps me feel better. What’s more, I might have brightened up their day a little. If that bored shop assistant is cheered up by my smile they might smile at the next customer,  who smiles at someone as they leave the shop, who smiles at someone else.

So yes I sound like a kids TV show, but lets all spread some smiles, especially when smiling is the last thing you feel like doing x


Give us a smile!


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