My journey through weight loss, fitness and the new me.

That’s a pretty perfect title for my day yesterday.  I made a real mess of things!

Breakfast: I got up on time, but then the dog walk took longer than usual, we couldn’t find my daughters school tie, I couldn’t find any clean socks.  I ran out of time for my cereal in all the chaos… and then forgot to lift the banana I’d planned on having on the train.

Lunch: In the crazy morning rush I had just crabbed a packet of noodles from the cupboard.  I knew they were syn free at Slimming World so figured that would be a good choice.  But I’d never tried that flavour before and they tasted awful!  I mangaged to mess up cooking them too and they ended up chewy.  I had a little but couldn’t face anymore.  Did I then nip out and grab a soup or something? No I just skipped lunch.

I didn’t have any snacks during the day, because I hadn’t thought to lift anything. I had a couple glasses of orange squash, the sugar in that must have kept me going.

By the time I caught the train home from work I felt so drained.  I got really woozy and dizzy on the train and could barely stay awake.  I thought I might faint walking up the hill to the house.  I almost crawled onto the couch when I got home.

Then I messed up.  I had a couple chocolate digestive biscuits hoping for a quick sugar lift. Cue the guilty chocolate feeling.

Dinner thankfully was lovely.  A spicy sausage and bean casserole.  Since I don’t think I’d eaten any protein whatsoever in more than 24hrs it was very much appreciated. (Thank goodness my husband can cook!)  Again it’s a Slimming World recipe so I knew it would be healthy.

But the biscuit guilt lingered on and I had more chocolate after dinner.

So it was definitely a case of failing to plan and boy did I fail!  I ended up eating junk and feeling awful!

Clean slate… fresh start.


Comments on: "Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail" (1)

  1. Everyone has set-backs. Carry on!

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