My journey through weight loss, fitness and the new me.

A common suggestion for oily hair is to use a natural bristle brush. I’m really lucky that I have naturally thick, shiny hair. The downside is that my hair is so shiny because there’s so much oil.

In the morning after my shower my hair is lovely and soft, but by the end of the day my fringe (bangs for US readers) is looking more oily than shiny. By the next morning my whole head looks greasy and flat, yuck!

I try not to wash my hair the next day though, the more I wash it the more it needs washed.

I have dry shampoo but I hate the feeling my hair gets. It loses the bounce and feels dirty. A lot of the dry shampoo products aren’t suitable for dark brown hair either. They leave a grey tinge at the roots, eek!

So I bought myself one of these…

From Kent Brushes

The nylon bristles are stiff enough to detangle my hair, natural bristles on their own wouldn’t manage on my thick hair.

The natural bristles are exactly what my hair needs. I do 100ish strokes before bed and the usual tidy ups as the day goes on. The results have been fantastic.

The natural bristles spread the oils down the length of the hair shaft which keeps the length of my hair shiny. The only downside has been the amount of static generated by the bristles, I do resemble a poodle after brushing so it needs smoothed back down. But because the oils aren’t all just building at the roots anymore I’ve lost the flat greasy look. The ends of my hair aren’t as dried out anymore and best of all…

I can get away with not washing my hair for an extra day!

I’m still tempted to try the full “no poo” regime and try to sort my hair out properly but until I do this brush is going to make things much easier.


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