My journey through weight loss, fitness and the new me.

I think it’s important to reward ourselves along our journey.  Whether that journey be weight loss, fitness, education, anything!

I’ve given myself a couple little treat goals along the way.  I have a big thing for nail art, so every half stone I lose I’m going to treat myself to new nail polish or nail art decals/stickers.

For the bigger goals, say as an extra for every whole stone lost we’re going to have an overnight trip to our favourite hotel.  A log cabin hotel in the Highlands.  it’s cheap as chips and pretty basic but absolutely amazing, and they let you bring dogs.

But my big final treat, when I hit my final target, that’s been troubling me.  I couldn’t think of anything.  Something that I would get excited about and could count down to.  Something to keep me going, working at it and not giving up. Something that wouldn’t cost an absolute fortune and make it unrealistic. (Which ruled out Disneyland!)

Today I realised what my end goal would be.  What would finish off the new me perfectly.

I’m going to go blonde!

Not mess it up at home out the box blonde, proper, head stylist professionally done fantastic bombshell blonde!

Right now I have a pretty boring haircut, it’s very dark brown and with my pale complexion I look pretty pasty and ill.  I’ve always wanted to go blonde, but my weight has held me back.  I want to hide not attract attention. But Kirsten Stewart, who has colouring quite similar to mine, has managed to pull off a pretty drastic hair colour change, so why can’t I?  I won’t be going quite as light.  More a very light brown with blonde highlights. So while I start on my weight loss and fitness journey, I’ll also be cutting back on the heat stylish and lavishing a little more attention on my locks to get them ready.

I’m going to lose the weight, get toned, confident and then get the haircut I’ve always wanted, but been too afraid to go for!

How did you treat yourself when you hit your goals, or how do you plan on rewarding yourself?



Comments on: "Goal Achievement Treats and Rewards" (3)

  1. Go Kat! I chopped my hair off pretty early in the process, and also went crazy blonde, as in platinum blonde, in the process. It was a terrifying and liberating at the same time! 🙂
    I wrote about it here: in case you have interest.
    Love the idea that you are rewarding yourself each step of the way!

    • That’s a great post Nancy. I don’t think it was vain at all, our hair says a lot about us. I know I could never go as short as you though, definitely not brave enough for that! I need it long enough to tie back on lazy days haha. I think you’re description of seeing yourself in the mirror or not being sure if you’d done the right thing, that’ll be me too. It took me weeks to get used to my hair when I accidentally dyed it black, from dark brown. Or when I got it cut from mid back to shoulder length. Blonde will be a whole new ball game! Did you reward yourself at all for hitting certain milestones? I’m still reading through your blog.

      • I’m not sure I rewarded myself per se; rather I just tried to celebrate each win by acknowledging it. Meaning, I took a moment to feel and really experience the pride of what I’d just done. The blog gave me an outlet to “brag” about big and little wins along the way. And this amazing community of bloggers sent their love, support, kudos and congratulations — which felt like my reward. 🙂

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